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If you look, you’ll see many people every day wearing this classic look. This tutorial refers to using black and brown eyeshadow, but you can use other eyeshadow colors to match your clothes.To start, apply concealer and any other products that you normally use. My recommendation is Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind concealer. Curl eyelashes before getting started with this look.To get started, grab a small makeup brush and some white eyeshadow. Get some eyeshadow from the inner corner of the eye to the bottom of the brow bone.

Using the same brush, apply grey eyeshadow to the middle of the eyelid, slightly overlapping the white eyeshadow from the last step. Finally, apply black eyeshadow to the outside of the lid, overlapping the gray eyeshadow. You should now have three bands of eyeshadow, lightest nearest your nose and darkest at the outside edges of your eyes.Use a blending brush to blur the transitions between the three eyeshadows, pulling the eyeshadow into any creases in your eyelids as well. Move the brush back and forth across the eyelid to make a smooth, seamless blend.Add a brown shadow above the eyelid crease. Apply lightly, blending as you go. The brown should extend slightly outside of the black shadow on the outside of your eyelid. Use your blending brush to smooth the brown into the black, gray, and white eyeshadows below. If you don’t blend everything smoothly, it ends up looking awkward!

Contouring makes this look stand out even more! Grab your white eyeshadow again and apply to the brow bone, smoothing as you go. This makes the smokey eye look stand out even more.Apply black eyeliner to darken the eye, and then add mascara to complete the smokey eye look. It’s important to use the brown (or some other color) because using just black, gray, and white ends up looking too monochromatic and unnatural. The brown helps the outside of the smokey eye blend into your natural skin tone.

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