Almay Intense I Color Smoky I Powder

Are you longing to have a fabulous fun date wearing a glamorous exciting eye shadow make up and sitting over an elegant dinner at a very sassy restaurant?The answer is yeeessssss!!!Make the concealer your under eye shadow make up base by starting at the inner part down to the outer edge of the eyes. When applying eye make up, please do not rub the make up, just pat until the discoloration evens out or disappears.The secret to keeping your eye make up from fading within minutes from application is to apply a make up base first without properly priming your eyelid so it will not form a greasy line and crease.

Start your make up color works using a three-toned eye shadow. Apply with your brush or applicator from your lids to brow and create a smokey eye make up effect. Blend the colors like a rainbow. You will look gorgeous with this color set blending technique. Begin by selecting a light color that matches the color of your lid and then spread it across up to your brow’s bone when applying eye make up. Follow your eye shadow make up with a medium tone across your lid and then put a darker attractive color in your crease part. Brush to blend the colors well.Eyeliners can do wonders enhancing the shape of your eyes especially for a smokey eye makeup. You may use your best eyeliner pencil or dark eye shadows for greater smoother blend.How to apply eyeliner: Choose a slanted brush, wet the tip, and then dip in the dark eye shadow. You create a line as close to your upper lashes as possible starting from the inner to the outer core. Put on best eyeliner at the bottom of your eyes. Make sure it is only the line from the middle part of your eyes to outer part. Smudge the bottom line with your little finger so it will not look prominent.Create a smokey eye make up effect by patting the dark eye shadow with the brush along your upper lid as well as below your lid. Smudge to blend. Use a highlighter to brighten your eyes. Gold or pink highlighter blends well with any eye shadow color. This is great for the inside part of the eye application only. Here’s one of the best make up tips I found in the internet. Draw a V-shape line following top to bottom inner core of your eyes to make your eyes pop. Blend with your fingers.

Highlight your eyebrow using the same eye shadow make up highlighter color and dab it from your mid brow to your outward brow bone. Blend again using your finger. Curl your eyelashes and put on mascara. Now you are ready for a fun date. Enjoy!

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All day wear. Hypoallergenic. Mistake proof smoky-i look intensifies your eye color. Complete the look with coordinating mascara and eyeliner. Ophthalmologist tested. Made in China…. Read more…

Almay Intense I-color Smoky-i Kitsmoky-i for Hazels, 0.12-Ounce (Pack of 2)

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Almay Intense I-color Smoky-i Kitsmoky-i for Browns, 0.12 Oz / 3.4 g

Almay Intense i-Color is a collection of shadows, liners and mascaras that makes it easy to intensify the color of your eyes because the shades are expertly coordinated to turn up the intensity of you…


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